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The Way Forward with Alec Zeck

Apr 25, 2023

In this episode Alec chats with Gabriel Miguel, the founder of the Anastasia Foundation, to discuss all things related to the mysteriously beautiful and deeply impactful book series that has changed the lives of so many.


The Anastasia Foundation is at the forefront of the Ringing Cedars of Russia movement in the...

Apr 18, 2023


In this episode Alec’s sits down with Dr. Kelly Brogan to discuss self reclamation, authenticity, feminine & masculine dynamics, and so much more.


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Apr 11, 2023

In this episode Alec’s sits down with Isabel Friend, an international ambassador of Water, public speaker, and educator.


As a student, servant, and steward of Water, she seamlessly blends science and spirit into a comprehensive cosmology of Water wisdom. Spanning the practical insights of health, hydration and...

Apr 4, 2023


In this episode, Alec sits down with Erai Beckmann to discuss his projects INFYNIT.TV, ZDKL coin, blockchain tech, cryptocurrency, the Great Reset, and so much more.


Erai Beckmann is a successful serial entrepreneur and investor. Erai is currently the CEO & Co-Founder of, i2 & Zadkiel. INFYNIT is A...