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The Way Forward with Alec Zeck

Jun 27, 2023

In this episode Alec sits down with raw-fruit-afficionado Dr. Robert Morse to discuss all things related to diet and food. Is there an optimal human diet? Dr. Morse believes so. He’s been eating primarily fruit with some herbs and vegetables for years and is thriving. But is this diet for everyone?


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Since 1973, Dr. Robert Morse has owned and operated Natural Health Facilities, including health food stores, naturopathic clinics, and herb companies (including God's Herbs, Nature's Botanical Pharmacy, and Dr. Morse's Cellular Botanicals)


Approaching 50 years of practice, his groundbreaking work and unparalleled tissue-specific formulas have helped thousands overcome virtually any condition by understanding the true cause of what mainstream medicine labels "diseases”.


Through his journey on this planet, Robert Morse has channeled his awareness of natural healing by teaching and applying his knowledge in many areas, which resulted in the birth of a true healer with


credentials, certifications, and diplomas in areas including Naturopathy, Biochemistry, Iridology and Herbalism, to name a few.


Dr. Morse was the first to bring this world the truth and more: complete understanding of the incredible lymphatic system. Further, Dr. Morse introduced Lymphatic Iridology, giving practitioners a deeper


understanding of how the body truly works and how the iris exposes genetic weakness and lymphatic stagnation.


In 2000, Dr. Morse founded the International School of Detoxification (which is now being expanded into the International School of the Healing Arts and Sciences) and has since been teaching students

around the world the simplicity of health, vitality, and cellular regeneration.


Please note that Dr. Morse is no longer seeing clients so he may focus on research, writing, and

educating. Our other counselors were carefully chosen and personally trained by Dr. Morse for their knowledge, experience, passion, and dedication to helping the suffering find true health and wellness.


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