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The Way Forward with Alec Zeck

Jul 4, 2023

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In this episode Alec sits down with Ra Optics CEO Matt Maruca to dicuss all things light!


Matt Maruca is the founder and CEO of Ra Optics, a company that teaches about the essential role that light plays in health, and develops advanced light therapy-based products. 


He founded Ra Optics after a decade-long personal health journey that ultimately led him to light. The discovery that we are ultimately beings of light has led him to a profound interest in the nature of consciousness and existence itself. 


Matt spends his time teaching, traveling, working with top executives and celebrities, and building the future of lighting for the world. Matt enjoys singing, reading, running and surfing, and especially traveling and exploring. 


You can learn more about Matt and his company by following the links below, and especially by joining his email and SMS community on 


If you would like to get in touch with Matt for partnerships or media purposes, contact 


instagram @thelightdiet 


instagram @ra_optics 


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