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The Way Forward with Alec Zeck

Jun 28, 2022

In this episode, Alec and Dr. Jess welcome back Dr. Bill McGraw to present the overwhelming evidence of the dangers of aluminum toxicity, it’s relation to Alzheimer’s disease and the blatantly obvious cure – it’s all there in the data.

Alzheimer’s disease was first discovered in 1906. Since then, “modern”...

Jun 21, 2022

In this episode, Alec sits down with Brandon Bozarth to discuss infinite awareness, the problem with pursuing the ‘American Dream’ and why ‘fighting for freedom’ is useless when we learn and know that we are already internally and fundamentally free.  

Brandon Bozarth teaches the embodiment of the...

Jun 14, 2022

In this episode, Alec and Jodie talk to Rebecca Strong about her experience as a health and wellness writer, the state of modern journalism and how the blanket mainstream response to the ‘pandemic’ led her down an overwhelming rabbit hole – follow the money, find the answers.

Rebecca Strong is a Boston-based...

Jun 3, 2022

In this episode, Alec Zeck chats with Amandha Vollmer, one of the OG terrain theorists and a jack-of-all-trades in the natural health world to discuss the monkey business surrounding monkeypox as well as nutrition, veganism and the psyche that allows people to keep falling for nonsense.


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