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The Way Forward with Alec Zeck

Mar 29, 2023

What is Hapbee? Alec sits down with Yona Shtern to learn more about Hapbee and how their products actually work.


Yona Shtern is CEO and Chairman of Hapbee - the publicly traded, wearable wellness technology company. He has built, grown, and advised numerous disruptive technology companies from early stage to maturity...

Mar 21, 2023

Alec sits down with independent geopolitical analyst Patrick Henningsen  from 21st Century Wire to discuss his thoughts on the Middle East, Ukraine, the gain of function narrative and more! 


Patrick’s links: 


• Hunting for Hunter: Evidence Reveals Biden, Burisma Ukraine Bond Scandal, Tied to U.S. Firm:

Mar 14, 2023

Learn about the War on Oxygen and remedies to it with professional Ozone, Oxygen & Somatic Therapist, Polla Pratt, and Ozone & Oxygen equipment manufacturer, inventor and family business owner, Tobias Segal.


Learn how you can stay out of hospitals, treat yourself and your families at home, become the Master...

Mar 7, 2023

More details on what Alec thinks is happening in these labs:

On this episode, Alec flies solo to discuss the “breaking news” from the FBI and his thoughts on the health freedom leaders propagating it, his open letter to leaders in the freedom movement, and a recent PDF...

Mar 3, 2023

In this episode, Alec sits down with both Eric Coppolino & Chelsea, a woman who lives 6 miles north of East Palestine, to discuss the Ohio train derailment situation and the harmful effects of Dioxin.


Eric F Coppolino is an investigative reporter who has focused the past 40 years on dioxin-related fraud. He leads the...