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The Way Forward with Alec Zeck

Jul 2, 2021

Dr. Jennifer Barham-Floreani is an award-winning chiropractor and best-selling author. Over half a million parents, practitioners and students have read her thought-provoking book, “Well Adjusted Babies.”

Raised a chiropractic baby, Jennifer’s career has been dedicated to encouraging the “health literacy” of parents. As a mother of four boys, Jennifer has become an authentic guide for couples and families, and she speaks around the world on common sense approaches to health, pregnancy, and parenting.

Jennifer was awarded both Victorian and Australian Chiropractor of the Year, International Woman Chiropractor of the Year, Outstanding Service to Chiropractic and the Being of Light Humanitarian Award. In October 2020 Jennifer resigned as a chiropractor in Australia to be able to support and educate the public without the limitations of regulatory bodies.


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