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The Way Forward with Alec Zeck

Jun 18, 2021

Ben Mitchell is an Australian singer-songwriter and activist writing songs with blues, country, folk and indie-pop influences. AMERICANA UK said “Mitchell has a strong voice that adapts well to a number of styles, but it’s his song-writing skills that put him in a league above.”

Released as a stand alone single in 2019, and perhaps Mitchell’s most political song to date, ‘Right To Know’ is Mitchell’s call to arms for the good people of all countries to demand the right to know what governments are up to, supposedly, on their behalf.

"You rarely hear political songs that sound so good but Ben has found a way to mix politics and a good ole fashion country hit in one. He speaks on many topics in this country track such as the government, farmers, and more. He creates a protest with firey guitar melodies and flawless vocals.” REIGNLAND (Music Blog)

Beyond writing and recording protest songs and rally cries, in early 2020 Mitchell initiated a ‘truther’ channel for sharing censored and non-mainstream news, Friends of Truth. This culminated in him being invited to speak and perform at the first ever Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccination rally held on the Gold Coast, Queensland last month.
Mitchell’s previous albums (Slow Is The New Fast, Summer Lover, Chance To Love and The Stars Can See) reflect his interests in eastern philosophy, basic human psychology and the infinite elements that make life an endless adventure. And love. Of course!

In June 2021 Mitchell is due to release his latest album, ‘Are You Gonna Be Free’, a collection of uplifting and inspiring songs written in response to the unprecedented tyranny and oppression sweeping the globe. This will follow the release of his current single, ‘The Great Awakening Blues’ available on Bandcamp now.


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